Designed for chemical protection of various crops. Standard version of spayers are fully hydroficated (supply of machines with manual folding-unfolding of the bar is available). Proven design and minimal costs resulted in these machines to become the most common in Russia. It is complete with plastic 2000 liter capacity, bars with hydraulic drive

Proven design and minimal costs allowed these machines to become the most common in Of the Russian Federation.

Plastic comes with 2000 litre tank booms, hydraulic height adjustment, 120-litre capacity a preliminary preparation of the mixture (also used for clean water to flush the system), 20 liter Jerry can for hand washing, a set of systems of spraying and pump made in Italy with a capacity of 130 l/min.

Drive shaft intermediate bearing is protected from vibration and direct impact of the propeller shaft. Absolutely smooth inner and outer walls of the tanks provide a quick and easy cleaning. Light weight and low center of gravity allow you to work with tractors of low power and on fields with complex topography.


OP - 2000

The volume of the main tank, liters

2 000

Width of capture, m

18; 21,6

The height of the control rod, mm

50 – 200

Additional capacity for technical water, liters


Additional capacity for a solution, liters


The pump capacity, liters / min


Ground clearance (clearance), see


Adjustable track, m

1,4; 1,5; 1,8

Overall dimensions, m

5.55 x 2.4 x 2.4

Weight (not more than), kg

1 350

Set hydronomy valves “Arag” (Italy), “Lechler” (Germany)

Manufacturer: LLC ” Kazakhselmash”

Trailer sprayer OP-2000 «Ruslan»