kupit-gerbicid-balerina-300x300Herbicides — plant protection products that are designed for weed control in agricultural crops, fruit plantations, along roadsides of highways, railroad tracks, etc. Herbicides are used to improve farming and phytocenosis (including meadow).

The application of these plant protection products should be strictly controlled. Use them in accordance with the regulations may lead to environmental pollution and serious negative consequences.

The name of the drug Flow rate kg(l)/ha(t) Container packing Scope
BALLERINA, SE (410+7.4 g/l) complex 2-ethylhexyl ether 2,4 D acid+ florasulam ) 0,3-0,5 Canister 5L Grains
BALLERINA MIX (Bal.4.2 l+Mortar 230g) 15-20 ha Binary set Grains
BANVEL, BP Canister 5L
BICEPS 22, EC (100 g/l+100 g/l) (desmedipham+phenmedipham) 1,0-3,0 Canister 10l Sugar beet, a dining room, aft
BICEPS-GARANT, KE (70g/l+90g/l+11 Og/l) (desmedipham+phenmedipham+ethofumesate) 1,0-3,0 Canister 5L Sugar beet, fodder
BUTIZAN 400, SC(metalor) 1,0-2,0 Canister 5L Vegetable
PANTHER, EC (40g/l) 0,75-1,5 Canister 5L Vegetable, potato
STOMP PROFFESIONAL, ISS (455g/l) (pendimethalin) 1,7-4,35 Canister 10l Sunflower, vegetable
GAITAN, EC(330 g/l)(pendimethalin) 2,3-6 Canister 10l Onions , carrots, sunflower
GALION, BP (300g/l+75g/l) (clopyralid+ picloram) 0,27-0,31 Canister 5L Rape
GAMBIT, SC (500g/l)(prometryn) 1,5-3,5 Canister 10l Potato, carrot, sunflower, corn
ERBITUX, VRK (500g/l) (MCPA acid in the form of a mixture dimethylamine, Potassium and sodium salts) 0,5 - 1,5 Canister 10l Grains, peas, Bob.grass, millet, rice, flax
GALERA 334 BP(клопиралид267г/l+67пиклорам g/l) 0,3-0,35 Canister 5L Canola,Hocico,cabbage
GESAGARD, SC(500g/l)D. V.-premarin 2,0-3,5 Canister 5L Vegetables, s.-beans, potatoes, carrots
GOAL 2E, EC (240g/l)D. V.-oxyflourfen 0,5-1 Canister 5L Onion, garlic
ZENKOR ULTRA, KS (Boog/l) 1,3-1,6 Canister 5L Tomatoes, potatoes
FUSILADE FORTE, KE (150g/l)D. in-fluazifop-p-butyl) 0,75-2,0 Canister 10l In addition to cereals
AURORIX, KE(332г/L2,4D acid+21 g/l of carfentrazone 0,5-0,6 Canister 5L Winter and spring wheat, barley, corn
ACTIVAR EC (240g/l abusivewhen) 0,5-1l/ha Canister 5L Sunflower, onion
ARG AMAK, EDC(750g/kg tribenuronmethyl) 15-25g/ha Canister 10l Wheat, barley, oats
ASTERIX, SE (300g/L2,4D+6,25 g/florasulam) 0,5 Canister 5L Winter and spring wheat, spring barley
GRIMES, WDG (250 g/kg rimsulfuron) 0,04 - 0.05 kg/ha Canister 10l Corn (for grain), potatoes
LART.BP (480g/l dicamba) 0,15-0,PLN/ha Canister 5L Spring and winter wheat
DUBLON GOLD, EDC (600g/kg+150 g/kg (nicosulfuron+thifensulfuron-methyl) 0,05-0,07 Bottle 0,75 kg Corn
DUBLON, SC (40g/l) (nicosulfuron) 1,0-1,5 l Canister 10l Corn for grain
ZELLEK-SUPER, EC (104g/l) (Haloxyfop-R - methyl) 0,5-1 Canister 5L Beet, sunflower, soya, rape, flax, pine,fir
The CORSAIR, VRK (480g/l) (bentazone) 1,0-4,0 Canister 10l Grains, grains. spring with overseeding of clover, alfalfa, peas, soybeans, flax-duty, long-standing company.grass
Lapis LAZULI-SUPER, CNE (270 g/l) (metribuzin) 0,9-1,6 Canister 5L Potato, tomato
Lapis LAZULI, SP (700g/kg) (metribuzin) 0,5-1,4 mesh. SCP KOR 0,5, 0,5 GRP** Potatoes, tomatoes, soybeans, corn
MAGNUM, EDC (Boog/kg) (metsulfuron-methyl) 0,005-0,01 Vial 0.1 kg Grains, millet, flax
MIURA, SC (125g/l) (quizalofop-P-ethyl) 0,4-1,2 Canister 5L Potatoes, peas.beets, carrots, onions, soybeans, cabbage, canola, sunflower
PRIMA, SE (300 g/l+6,25 g/l) (complex 2-ethylhexyl ether 2,4 D acid+florasulam) 0A 4 – 0,6 Canister 5L Grains, corn
PUMA SUPER 7,5, EM 0,6-1,0 Canister 5L Wheat, barley
MORTAR, EDC (750g/kg) (tribenuronmethyl) 0,01-0,025 bottle. 0.1 kg, 0.3 kg Grains