95943253_w640_h640_borejInsecticides are chemical compounds designed to kill insects, their larvae and eggs. These plant protection products are pesticides. In addition to insects harmful to plants, these drugs destroy household insects and insects that are parasitic on animals.

The name of the drug Flow rate kg(l)/ha(t) Container packing Scope
ALIOT, KE (570г/l)(Malathion) 0,4-0,8 Canister 5L Wheat, apples, grapes, tomatoes, cabbage, warehouses
BOREAS, SK(150+50g/l) (Imidacloprid+lambda-cygalotrin) 0,08-0,1 Bottle 1l Grains
BOREY Neo, SC(125g/l+100g/l+50g/l) 0,1-0,2 Bottle 1l Vegetables,cereals,potatoes,canola,peas
BREAK me (100g/l)(lambda-cyhalothrin) 0,05-0,25th Canister 5L Grains, peas, mustard, canola, flax, alfalfa, sugar beets, fruit
HERALD, VSC (240g/l) (diflubenzuron) 0,05-1.0 Canister 5L Apple, cabbage, pasture, meadows, decor, rust.
SHIRLEY MAE (250g/l) (cypermethrin) 0,1-0,5 Canister 5L Cereals, potatoes, corn, flax etc.soybeans, beets, cabbage, Lucerne on, peas
ARRIVO, EC (250 g/l cypermethrin) 0,1-0. 5 l/ha Canister 5L Cereals, maize, rape, sah.beet, soybeans, vegetables
BI - 58 NEW (400g/l dimethoate) 0,5-2,6 Canister 5L Grains, vegetables
DIMET, EC (400g/l) 0.8 to 1.0 Canister 5L Grains, vegetables
DECIS EXPERT,KE 0,05-0,2 Canister 5L Grains, vegetables
ACTAR, EDC(250g/kg tumstatin) 0,1-0,3 Pack 250g Potatoes, ovschi, bean
KARATE ZEON, ISS(50L/labda-regulatr) 0,1-0,3 Canister 5L Cereals, potatoes, vegetables
PROCLAIM, VRG(50g/l lufenuron) 0,2-0,3 Package 1 kg Vegetables
EFORIE, KS(106г/lambda cyhalotrin+141г/etimetool) 0,2-0,3 Canister 5L Grains, vegetables
BISCA,MD 0,2-0,3 Canister 5L Grains, vegetables
SENPAI, EC (50g/l)(esfenvalerate) 0,5-1,0 Canister 5L Grains, cabbage, Apple
SIROCCO, EC(400g/l)(dimethoate) 0,5-1,2 Canister Yul Grains, onions, beets
The WAVES FLEXI, SK(200+100 g/l) 0,2-0,8 Canister 1l Potatoes, vegetables, cabbage