ea5571_78c06f69780970c61889d2d842176766Designed for chemical protection of plants and entering of liquid mineral fertilizers. Trailed sprayers series of bars fully tool is hydroficated, available in 2 versions: width of bars is 24 meters or 28 meters. The machine is completely similar to the trailed sprayers and foreign production, and economic

Equipped with Board computer, the metering automation with electric remote control, control panel to control and set various operating modes (system pressure, flow of fluid through sections, the speed, the flow rate of the chemical product), the foam marker. Installed the main filter, set of filter sections, monometer, three-position spray head, which allows the transition from one drug to another by switching the nozzle. Equipped with a remote valve control rods section by section.

Width of treated surface

24/28 m

The volume of the main tank

3000 l

Additional capacity for technical water

300 l

Mixer for fast preparation of working solution

35 l

Lifting height rod

from 500 to 2000 mm

Antivirusnye three position spray head

48 PCs

Diaphragm pump D-203/D-274 (Italy), performance

250/270 l/min

Adjustable track

1400;1500;1800 mm

Aggregated with tractors

KL. 1,4

Manufacturer: LLC ” Kazakhselmash”

Trailer sprayer OP-3000 «Bars»