ea5571_40f6312ad829bfe23bc5f4240d3eeec7Designed for chemical protection of various crops. Standard version of spayers are fully hydroficated (supply of machines with manual folding-unfolding of the bar is available). Proven design and minimal costs resulted in these machines to become the most common in Russia. It is complete with plastic 2000 liter capacity, bars with hydraulic drive

Designed for chemical protection of plants. Standard sprayers fully tool is hydroficated (it is possible to supply machines with manual folding – unfolding of the rod).

Proven design and minimal costs allowed these machines to become the most widespread in Russia. Sliding axles of 1.4-1.8 m and ground clearance (clearance) of 70 cm provides the processing versatility of different cultures. The sprayers feature reinforced frame and heavy-duty rod with an effective node of the depreciation of the Italian gidrolabilna apparatus and an intermediate support in front of the pump. The pointer level of the solution in the main tank has a scale with divisions, which are clearly visible from the tractor cab. Aggregated with tractors of class 1.4.

Axles, wheels, frame

Solid core frame construction, box section is connected to the rod of the parallelogram. Parking leg easily folds and unfolds. Axle and wheels of foreign production allow the sprayer is easy to reach the speed of 45 km/h and the used in their manufacture materials ensure reliable operation. At the request of the client can be set as the axis beztormoznoy system (standard) and brake system (option).

Foam marker

Is intended for the qualitative labeling of the edges of the treatment field when spraying with a boom sprayer, resilient foam is from 0.5 to 3 hours. One filling of the tank is enough for 260 – 300 minutes of continuous operation sprayer.

GPS Navigator

Optional is possible to install GPS navigators Matrix 570G or Centerline 220BP, which allows to control main parameters of the machine and ensures the use of modes of parallel driving and autopilot.


  • chassis to the main tank with a capacity of 2 000 l (2 500 l);
  • rod 18m, 21.6 m, or 24 m fully hydraulic;
  • chemical resistant hoses;
  • additional capacity is 120 liters (water, stock solution);
  • nozzles 3-position ID-K; spray with ceramic head type, ID, AI, TTI, AVI ISO.

Optional equipment:

  • lifting hydraulic cylinders for opening and folding rods;
  • mixer – mixer for preparation of working solution;
  • computer Bravo 180 Arag Bravo 300 or;
  • GPS Matrix 570G or Centerline 220BP;
  • foam marker.



OP 2500

The volume of the main tank, liters

2 500

Width of capture, m

18; 21,6; 24

The height of the control rod, mm

50 – 200

Additional capacity for technical water, liters


Additional capacity for a solution, liters


The pump capacity, liters / min


Ground clearance (clearance), see


Adjustable track, m

1,4; 1,5; 1,8

Overall dimensions, m

5.55 x 2.4 x 2.4

Weight (not more than), kg

1 500

Manufacturer: LLC ” Kazakhselmash”

Trailer sprayer OP-2500 «Argo»