ea5571_2954fcb04846c0f1a1db78a570a36a4bHigh-performance sprayer is intended for chemical protection of plants and entering of liquid mineral fertilizers. It is the perfect combination of comfort, ease of management and modern technology.

This machine with high ground clearance is the perfect choice for making chemicals and liquid fertilizers at any stage of the life cycle of culture.

Comfort and safety

The ergonomics of the cockpit is fully consistent with the standards set in the industry. The 360 degrees allows you to fully control the process of spraying. Stairs, railings, observation platform and protection system FOPS and ROPS protect the operator from external factors. The cabin comfort due to the use of the following elements:

  • the sealed design of the cab with a charcoal filter and air conditioning;
  • window and door sealing and insulation of the cab;
  • six lights front and two lights rear lighting, you can work in poor visibility conditions and at night;
  • computer Bravo and GPS allow the operator to easily operate the machine;
  • air suspension, allowing to work long and effectively.

Reinforced rod

Unlike competitors bars sprayers bars series are special design and material that makes it easy to fix damaged rods in the field. The cross section of the rod allows it to withstand heavy loads compared to a conventional design. Rods are equipped with additional springs, providing shock absorption and good ground contour following.

Hoses for liquid mineral fertilizers (root feeding)

Optionally the rods can be equipped with a second working line. Hanging hoses from a distance of 25 cm from each other due to the displacement of injector body. Wall hoses are used for liquid mineral fertilizers.

Machines for refueling solution

designed for preparation of solution and quick transfer it into the sprayer. The main advantages of the machine:

  1. save time on mixing;
  2. save time injection of the solution;
  3. the exception of theft of expensive solution.

These machines are ideal for continuous loading self-propelled sprayer and its efficient operation.


  • chassis cab and the main tank with a capacity of 3 000 l;
  • the hydraulic rod 24 m or 28 m, balancing rod, additional depreciation;
  • tank for clean water for flushing the internal volume of 300 liters;
  • mixer – mixer with a capacity of 35 liters.
  • pneumatic suspension;
  • independent front suspension;
  • a disc brake;
  • pump, chemical resistant hoses;
  • 3-position nozzles ID-K sprayer with ceramic head type, ID, AI, TTI, AVI, ISO;
  • air conditioning and carbon filter;
  • computer Arag Bravo 300S and GPS Teejet Matrix 570G.

Optional equipment:

  • computer Arag Bravo 180 and GPS Teejet Centerline 220BP;
  • hoses for liquid mineral fertilizers;
  • aircrafts wing.

Technical characteristics the self-propelled sprayer bars – 3 000*

The width of the rod, m

24 or 28

Adjusting rod height, cm (min / max)

55 – 215 (option – 215 more)

Tank volume, liters

3 000

The volume of the tank for washing, liters


The pump capacity, l/min


Engine brand


Cummins (optional)

Engine power (Euro 2) L. S.



Fuel tank, litres


Type of transmission


Hydraulic tank capacity, l


Speed (working / transport), km/h

0 – 25 / 39



Adjustable track width, m

2,1 – 2,8

Transport clearance (clearance), m

Of 1.35 (option to 1.55)

Front / rear tires

12.4 x 36

Transport dimensions (length x width x height), m

7.5 x 3.2 x 3.6

Weight with empty tank (net), kg

6 500

* subject to change in design without prior notification of the buyer.

Manufacturer: LLC ” Kazakhselmash”

Self-propelled sprayer Bars-3000