ea5571_50a2e7fe028241080dd10efe14b2e2baTransportation combined mixers STK is designed for preparation of the solution for chemical protection of various crops and rapid pumping of the prepared liquid to the sprayer. Machines are most effective when used in large-scale farms, on large fields and a large spread of small fields within one

Analogues to these cars today are not made in the CIS and even the large foreign companies do not offer anything to save downtime trailed and self-propelled sprayers.

The main advantages of using this machine:

  1. save time on mixing (in any case, the sprayer must be 10-15 min. on a good mix)
  2. time-saving pumping solution – is achieved by high speed injection of the prepared solution into the sprayer;
  3. the exception of theft of expensive solution is achieved by controlled one-time fill of medications.

Technical characteristics*




The volume of the main tank, liters

5 000

11 000

Number of axles chassis



The volume of the tank for washing, liters


Pumping 1000 liters of ready solution into the sprayer min.

2 – 3

Injection 1000 l of water min.


Depth fence liquid at cameratruck, m


The pump capacity, liters / min


Track, m

Of 2.05

Is aggregated with tractors of class



Weight of empty machine, kg

1 500

2 600

* Possible changes in design and specifications without notice buyers.

Manufacturer: LLC ” Kazakhselmash”

Transportation combined mixers STK 5, STK-11