Modern farming is impossible without the crop protection agents which protect your agricultures from weeds, diseases, vermins.

«Agro-Liga» company offers only high quality crop protection agents from leading international and domestic manufacturers whose reputation has been repeatedly confirmed by years of successful business and a lot of diplomas and certificates from recognized experts in the field of crop protection.



Родентициды – препараты из категории зооцидов, предназначенные для борьбы с различными грызунами: мышами, крысами и другими. Используются на складах, в зернохранилищах, на зерноперерабатывающих предприятиях. Этими средствами защиты растений обрабатывают и посевы зерновых. Известны 2 основные группы родентицидов: синтентического и химического


Predstavlyaetsya adjuvants substances that enhance the production of antibodies in response to the vaccine. Usually used in the production of the hydroxide of aluminum as adjuvant. Special substances that enhance the production of antibodies due to the introduction of the vaccine, called adjuvants. They are used in Agricultural industry for stimulation