barrel3This liquid fertilizer for foliar nutrition with a high content of nitrogen and micro and macro.
"MEGAMIX – N10" comes in
blue Jerry cans 10l with green lids.

Keep the fertilizer you need in the Manufacturer's packaging in covered warehouses. Storage temperature from 0° to 45°C.
Warranty period of storage of fertilizer 12 months. Shelf life is unlimited.

Trace elements g/l
B Cu Zn Mn Fe Mo Co Se
0,8 2,5 2,5 1,0 1,0 0,6 0,12 0,06

Macroelements, g/l
N S Mg
210 8 6

"MEGAMIX-N10" supplements the nitrogen, when root nutrition difficult soil drought, lower soil temperature and stress, particularly from pesticides, reducing the intensity of power.

The decreasing effectiveness (and efficiency) of high doses of fertilizers, is one of the problems of intensification technologies. When the roots are working, "full", not root top dressing are an additional channel for absorption of food.

The high content of trace elements in "MEGAMIX-N10" focuses on improving the effectiveness of nitrogen from fertilizer and stimulate root nutrition and relieving stress.

Nitrogen and trace elements in small doses have a good stimulating effect and compatibility in a tank mixture. It is great for relieving stress during pesticide treatments.

The appointment of "MEGAMIX-N10":

  • Eliminating signs of lack of nitrogen chlorosis, wilting (necrosis).
  • Provision of nitrogen nutrition in critical phases of crop development.
  • Stimulation of growth processes. Intensive growth often coincides with the peak absorption of nitrogen.
  • Higher yields by stimulating growth and renewal of vegetation.
  • Improving the quality of the crop, mainly on the content of protein substances.