barrel2This liquid fertilizer for foliar nutrition with rich content of microelements.

"MEGAMIX – foliar feeding" comes in
blue canisters capacity 10l with yellow lids.
Keep the fertilizer you need in the Manufacturer's packaging in covered warehouses. Storage temperature from 0° to 45°C.
Warranty period of storage of fertilizer 12 months. Shelf life is unlimited.

Trace elements g/l
B Cu Zn Mn Fe Mo Co Cr Se Ni
1,7 7,0 14 3,5 3,0 4,6 1,0 0,3 0,1 0,1
Macroelements, g/l
N S Mg
6 29 15

"MEGAMIX-foliar feeding" has a high concentration of minerals. Culture absorbs the necessary elements, highlighting their excess in the root zone, where they are absorbed by the microflora. This leads to an increase in microbial number.

Wide and rich content of the fertilizer is aimed at comprehensive stimulation of all processes in the plant. Just take into account the synergism and antagonism of individual batteries.

On intensive crops with low seeding rate (corn, sunflower, etc.), seed treatment do not give enough trace elements. Foliar feeding allows you to make up for their deficit. In such cases, the loss of drug from contact with soil is minimal.

MEGAMIX allows you to work in small volumes of working solution of 20-40 l/ha, at the low rate of fertilizer of 0.2-0.4 l/ha. This gives you the ability to use a wide range of engineering and tank mixtures.

The appointment of "MEGAMIX-foliar feeding":

The lack of trace elements in the formation of the crop.

Prevention and treatment of endemic disease, which later manifested and diagnosed difficult

Stimulation of root nutrition, activation of enzymes and filling in the missing elements of food yield Increase, due to the stimulation of enzymatic processes and the extension of vegetati.

Improving the quality of the crop, in terms of which the variety is prone and which are the focus of major fertilizer.