barrel4"MEGAMIX – SEEDS" has unique formulations for different cultures.
This medicine has a high dosage of 2 litres per tonne of seed. It allows to reduce the introduction of micronutrients on subsequent vegetation treatments, especially in cultures with high seeding rate (cereals). "MEGAMIX – SEEDS" contains 5 macro - and micronutrients 10. This complex supply provides the best realization of the development potential of the germ. For example, as part MEGAMIX contains NPK, in an amount sufficient for the first 2-3 weeks of the initial development of culture, when the biomass is small and the root system has not yet reached the fertilizer made at planting.

How important is optimum time of sowing, as seed material, the dressing, as important seed treatment drug MEGAMIX. It greatly affects the development of culture, due to the effect in the earliest phase. Formed more powerful root system, accelerates the initial phase of development, which are often the most critical. This serves as a basis for increasing the sustainability of culture to adverse factors.

Trace elements g/l
Cu Zn Fe Mn B Mo Co Cr Se Ni
33 31 4 3 4,6 7 2,8 0,5 0,1 0,1
Macroelements, g/l
N P K S Mg
58 6 58 50 22

The appointment of "MEGAMIX — SEEDS":

  • Nutrition of seedlings in the initial phase of development, due to the large dosage and the content of macro - and microelements
  • The formation of a strong root system as the basis for proper development of culture
  • To increase the survival of culture, especially in the initial phases of development
  • Increase microbiological activity of soil, and as a result increase the immunity and availability of batteries
  • Increasing the yield by increasing the root development and reduce risks in the initial, critical phases of development
How to see the result of "MEGAMIX — SEEDS"?

On grain crops, in the period of germination and until the beginning of tillering, there is a noticeable advance in the development phases, a thicker stem and a strong root system. After closing in a row, without digging samples, visually the difference can only be detected by a darker color. The phase of tillering is faster. The height difference is visible only in the early phase of trubkove. On winter crops, due to the special composition MEGAMIX, before going into the winter the difference in height is not observed. When initial frosts, the soil longer retains plasticity. Seed treatment of many other cultures, we observed a similar situation in their development. The MEGAMIX will be an obvious difference in length and width of leaves, length and weight of plants, number of roots and their structure. It is a powerful root system, which is difficult to separate the soil. "MEGAMIX – SEEDS" has a favorable impact on both the culture and in the rhizosphere, making the soil more strukturnoi and crumbly.